Yesterday I took it veeeeery easy and just 
I went in to city to buy some stuff and then went back home and played some FFX-2 and read my book. No stress to study or anything weighing me down. Lovely. 
Today I went out to Solna to meet up with Sofia at Mall of Scandinavia. We had booked tickets for Mockingjay pt 2 at the IMAX theatre at 11:30 so before that we walked and looked around in the huuuge new mall. I must say, I really liked it. Super clean, super bright and tons of restaurants (and shops aswell ofc but hey food is more important). Very nice.
The movie was....really good! I mean, I read the books years ago so I knew how it would end but, it was still kinda sad. And the IMAX was insaaaane! The sound was incredible (like....I can't even describe the feeling. It was almost scary) and the "screen" was gigantic. It was worth the extra money. And it was awesome to go watch a movie in the middle of the day! The salon was pretty much empty! 




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