I had such a fantastic birthday yesterday. It was a long day, but I enjoyed every moment of it.
My parents woke me up by calling at 6:30 in the morning and sang "Happy Birthday" to me. Hahaha! So sweet of them. Then I laid in bed and ate some of my chocolate frog (from HP WB studios) and some "Bertie Bott's every flavour beans" (I got Green Apple, Earwax and Candyfloss) while watching "adventskalendern". Then I got ready and headed to Uni. But when I was around Mariatorget I got a message that the class had been cancelled! At first I was kinda irritated with the late notification but then I was like "yeeeee awesome" and got of the train and went back home! On the way back, I picked up a package that my family had sent me from Umeå. It contained some small birthday gifts and such. So sweet <3

A part of my breakfast yesterday xD
Aaaaah <3
Then I relaxed a bit with some FFX-2 before Sofia came over. She gaved me my birthday gift (and I lost my shit haha) and then we bought a pizza to share for lunch. Afterwards we watched "Barbie in the Nutcracker"....hahahah aaaah we watched it together in Japan 4 years ago and my god that movie is hilarious. Then we got ready for dinner, took ALOT of stupid pictures, and headed out!

A "normal" picture...
A normal picture xD
We met up with Yuuki at Murasaki at Medborgarplatsen at around 18:00 and together the three of us enjoyed a delicious Yakiniku dinner. It felt so nostalgic! Eating yakiniku while speaking Japanese and just messing around. Loved it.

An excited Sofia and cutest Yuuki!!

Then the three of us went back to my place for some tea and chill. We watched some crazy gyaru make up videos on youtube and looked through some of my Japanese magazines and just sat on the floor and talked for hours. Close to midnight, the girls left me, and I could go to bed after an amazing birthday, feeling incredibly happy and lucky. 


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