What a lovely weekend it has been. I've been hanging out with friends, watched some more Kuroko no Basuke and just kinda cleaned up the apartment. My first weekend alone in two weeks haha.
Yesterday I hanged out with one of my classmates from Uni. He just recently got a puppy (or, he is 10 months old but all doggies are puppies no matter the age) and I just had to meet him! It's a Shiba and oh my God....he was so cute. Very energetic and crazy but sooo cute. I also showed him (my classmate, not the dog) my pictures from Japan, talked about video games, fangirled a bit and chatted random stuff while having some fika. 
JUST LOOK AT HIM!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Later in the evening I had an almost 5 h long Skype call with Dena. I don't even know what to say...we just have too much to talk about. Always.
Today has been more of a typical Sunday though with doing laundry, cooking etc. But also had a Skype call with Sofia. Haven't seen her since we got back from Japan! We're busy working women but I can't wait until I go back north and can hang out with her again. It's gonna be awesome.
So, tomorrow starts the last full week at work. LET'S DO THIS!


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