Chillin' and gamin'

Really been enjoying my week off.
Met up with my classmate (and his dog!!!) and chilled at my place on Thursday. We played some KH2 and I amazingly beat 3 more of the data battles! Just like that. I was very shocked by my own skills. 
Then yesterday I hanged out with Anton. Always good times with that guy. First we took it easy at my place, had some melon and cinnamonbuns (mjees) and then we started playing some Resident Evil 5. I just....I love that game goddamnit haha. And it really bothers me that I haven't even cleared the first mercenary challenge!!! Me and Maja cleared all of them several years ago on her game!! So we decided to play some story mode, get some coins, upgrade some guns, and then shoot some zombies. We only took a break getting some chinese food but then we continued playing. In the end, we didn't clear any challenges.....but next time!!! NEXT TIIIIME!!
Simple pic of a simple but delicious honeydew melon.


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