Back South

So I'm back in Stockholm now. I've been having an aaaamazin' time in Umeå. Been hanging out alot with my friends, spent time with my family and just been relaxing. I'm just gonna upload random pics from my stay in Umeå and just let that be it. 

Eevee cookies at Ina's :D

Kladdkaka. Need I say more?

Ina :)

Hanged out with Dena like 5 times during my stay in Umeå xD What can I say, we have so much things to do and stuff to talk about and plan etc. We are a pretty epic combo.

This view!


Stayed 2 nights at my sister's apartment and babysat her kitten. Crazy little thing, but oh so cute.

The too much.

Had lunch with Dena, Sofia and Otto at Droskan, our old place back from high school. I haven't been there in 4 nostalgic.

Had an epic evening together with Maja, starting with dinner at Allstar. The garlic bread there is to die for. Then we went back to her place for a movie night with delish snacks. A perfect night.

Met up with the girl gang (not all members, but most of us!) and had a long awaited "girl's night" with just fika and chatting and catching up. It was great!

And this rawfood fika was amazing!!

And what is a blog post about Umeå without a picture of my fluffy cat, Sasha! She's been getting so slow due to age but she is still a very affectionate kitty and laid next to me on the couch all the time purring like mad. My little kitty cat.

And our backyard! See you next time!


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