One long day, one short day

It feels like alot happened yesterday. Like, it could not only have been 24 hours, it must've been at least 32 hours of Wednesday yesterday haha. And feel like it's only gone 4 hours since I woke up. Such a strange feeling.
So, yesterday was incredibly hectic (like always on the last day of the month) and since it was basically only me and Masako holding up the fort we worked like crazy. Finally, I got off at 17:30 and then went to the Meet Up. The meet up was as fun as always, sitting there talking about random things with random awesome people haha. 
Afterwards me and Anton went and had dinner together and then went to Rigoletto and watched Spiderman 2! It OK movie haha. Not amazing, not bad. 
Aaaand today.....I woke up at 9:00. The first thing I saw was that I had one missed call on my cellphone. And guess who it was from?!?!?! MAJAAA!!!!!! MY DEAR FRIEND IS FINALLY BACK HOME!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!! So, after breakfast I first called Ina to have a chat with her about.....stuff. Then I called Maja and we talked and talked and talked about EVERYTHING!! Hahaha oooh my god....yeah...we had alot to talk about (and we're nowhere near finished cathing up!). 
Then I got ready to hit the city for FIKAAAA with together with a friend. Bwahahaaaa......mmm.
Anyway, it's been a craaaazy 2 days. Really. Crazy. But tons of fun. Let keep it like this.


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