Today I beat a personal record.

I OVERSLEP THIS MORNING!!! 1 ½ HOURS!!!! That's a personal record. 
I slept with earplugs and I think I accidently turned off my alarm last night....So yeah, I slept like a baby. Although I did have a few VERY DISTURBING dreams that I'm much thankful for not having to see the end of.....let's just leave it at that.
So did I arrive late at work you may wonder? The answer is yes, naturally. I was late. 5 minutes late. I'm ashamed.
And you might think I was a zombie the whole day at work. But I can tell you, I wasn't. I was on top. Ye.
But due to me oversleeping this morning I didn't have time to pack my gym bag so no gym today....instead I'll do the laundry, play some FFXII and watch the latest episode of Supernatural. I'm not complaining the slightest.

Postat av: amanda

Låter ju som en toppendag, trots en halvdålig start... Inte helt fel att få lite extra sömn! :)

2014-01-15 @ 21:35:53

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