I've had a wonderful Sunday!
After waking up I played some FFXII and then had breakfast and got ready to go out. I rocked my new jeans from Zara and my amazing gel eyeliner from Bobbi Brown. Love iiiiit.

So first I went to Södermalm and waked around a little bit, looking in a few stores etc. The atmosphere there is just great. I did buy some stuff from Life, a calender and some stuff from Lush. 

And since my body still hurts like hell from the Bodypump class yesterday I'm gonna take it easy tomorrow aswell and hopefully I can work out on Tuesday again. YAY!
Tonight I had a little spa-night with a face mask, hot bath with Lush products (ofc) and just taking it slow. Soon I'm gonna wrap this up and cuddle down in my bed and read. Evenings like this are the best.


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