Tonight I finally took the time to watch "Raanjhanaa", a Bollywood movie I've been wanting to watch since a while back. Aaaand now I kinda wish I hadn't watch it....
First off, I started crying withing 5 minutes of the movie. Only because one of my most favorite song in the entire world started playing. So yeah, I cried a bit. 
And then the whole plot was really good, although a little bit complicated at times (but that's usually Bollywood-style so...). But is was very visually appealing and all. It was just beautiful.
AND THEN THE ENDING. THE FUCKING ENDING. I sat there, huddled in my bed and as I realized that the credits started rolling, telling me the movie's over, all I could manage to say was a faint "Noo...." and then I started crying. And this time I couldn't stop...Honestly, I don't even wanna remember when I cried so much the last time. Although I think it was after a Doctor Who episode last year (GOD THAT WAS SO SAD) but yeah......And that they started re-playing my favorite song again during the credits really didn't help much!!
AAAAAAAH I don't wanna think about the ending but I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!!
Stupid movie, making me cry like this...



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