Night out with Cindy!!

YAY I had such a great evening with Cindy yesterday. We met up in Gamla Stan and went to Shogun for Dim Sum (just like several small dishes of with different food). Omg it was so delicious. And hear this, we even ordered chicken feet!! AND I WAS BRAVE ENOUGH TO TASTE!! I didn't like it at all though....I just wanted to gag xD Honestly, just thinking about it makes me wanna vomit! Hahah but now I've tasted it! YAY!

Rice soup! Looks really bad, I know, but it had tons of flavour and really warmed you up!

And here they are....the famous chicken feet....
Then we took the subway to Hötorget and went to this amaaaaazin' café called Café 60 (I think). They're open like 24/7 and have tons and tons of different tea to try out and lots and lots of cake! PARADISE! And the atmosphere was really great and cozy and we just sat there chatting for like 3 hours straight xD hahah! Loved it!

I chosed a caramel chocolate cheesecake. So gooooood.

 Really happy after such a great evening!


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