Mid-week update

Today my boss made a comment about me not speaking Japanese at work.....saying since I have a great opportunity to practice it at work everyday now, I should speak more Japanese. BUT I CAN'T OK?!?! My confidence in speaking Japanese is gone and all I can handle is basic everyday kind of talk...there's no way I could talk formally with a customer at this moment. Just no way. I want to. But I can't.............but I will try.
Yesterday I attended a Bodycombat class at the gym and today after work I went to a Power Yoga class. The Bodycombat was great and I really feel sore in my arms, shoulders and back today. The Power Yoga class on the other hand....just felt like a looong stretching class xD hahah but it was relaxing.
Now I'm gonna watch S09E11 of Supernatural! So angst, such Winchester. 



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