In love with life

Today was one of those perfect days =) Right now, I'm so happy I think I'm gonna explode...but I'll try not to.
So, first off, work.Flew by quick. Had a few annoying customers but I managed to solve the problems and in the end sold quite alot of products. And I talked more Japanese than I ever had at work!!! Yay for me!
Then, after work, my Dad was waiting for me outside Japanska Torget. I ran across the street and gave him a biiiiig hug. Then we took the subway to Östermalmstorg to go to Ladurée, a place that sells "macarons". How long I've been wanting to go there and spend money....haha! Dad bought me 4 pieces!!! They had so many flavours but in the end I chosed: Salted Caramel, Licorice, Strawberry marshmallow and Cambodian Chocolate. AH-MAZIN'. I'm definitely gonna go back and buy more in the future! Just a luxury treat for those special occations. 
Then we walked around some more, did some small shopping and then ended up at Taco Bar. Very, very good. 

Then we walked to the Central Station and sat down at Starbucks for coffee. We sat there talking, joking and just having a great time. Then at around 19:45 we walked to the busstop for the airport bus and I gave Dad a big big hug and then we said, not goodbye but: See you soon! Because we will =)

World's best Dad =)
I had already eaten the Licorice macaron when I took this picture xD haha! But still, AREN'T THEY PRECIOUS!? Macarons are the best thing ever.
AAAAAH God life is amazing. Waiting for the subway tonight I thought "Wow...this is EXACTLY where I want to be right now." Not in Umeå, not in Kyoto nor anywhere else. Right here, right now, Stockholm is everything I want. It feels like I'm in love. I have butterflies in my belly just thinking about how amazing things have turned out. I'm so happy =)

Postat av: amanda

Så härligt att läsa ett så glatt och peppande inlägg! Macaronsen ser fantastiska ut, men jag gillar dem inte.. :)

Svar: Jo kände mig tvungen att skriva av mig lite glädje :)ONEJ! fast det är många som tycker macarons är väldigt överskattade...jag är typ förälskad i dom haha
Johanna Lundgren

2014-01-24 @ 22:38:57

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