Hanamizu no Karasu

Today after work I met up with my dear Anton!
We went bowling, took a stroll to Globen from Gullmarsplan and looked around there a little bit. Then we took the subway back to Söder and ended up at Vapiano at Skanstull. Love that place. That's probably my favorite Vapiano restaurant of all in Stockholm. Today I chosed a pizza I never eaten before. It was artichokes, olives and ham on it...YUM!!

Globen :D

Tele2 arena!
My baby.
And tomorrow after work I'm meeting up with....DAD :D Yaaay my daddy is in town! He's taking the plane back north later tomorrow night but before that we'll try to sqeeze in a nice dinner somewhere. It's gonna be great!

Postat av: amanda

Åh så härligt det låter! Det vid Skanstull är också mitt favorit-vapiano :)

Svar: Jasså? Vi borde gå dit tillsammans någon gång :)
Johanna Lundgren

2014-01-24 @ 09:25:36
URL: http://aal.blogg.se

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