Fangirling and no sleeping

Yesterday I watched the second episode of Sherlock S3. Hahah oooooh my god....just wow. And then I skyped with Dena and we totally fangirled about it! Haha! 
Other than that didn't much happen...well, I had my final talk on the phone with Maja before her major Asia-trip. My player one is gonna be away for like 4 months!! IT'S CRAZY!! Which means that I too have to take a break soon from FFXII....I can't just go ahead and play hours and hours ahead of her now can I? 
Aaaaand last night I slept 2 hours. Yup. Not kidding. I don't know why, sleep just totally dissed me. Such a bitch. So tonight I'm getting to bed early. At least that's my plan....


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