Day two with my parents in town

So this morning I woke up quite early, at around 7:00. Although, I didn't start up my PS2 until 7:45 and played for a few hours. I've said it before, I LOVE playing video games early in the morning!
Then after a (way too) big breakfast I got dressed and ready and then took the Subway to Slussen to meet up with my parents. There we changed to the red line...and yeah, we had a very nice time on Södermalm, walking around enjoying that side of the city. 
Then we went to Gamla Stan and walked all the way up to Kungsgatan and then walked down to Klarabergsviadukten to have lunch at Vapiano. God they have great food there. Just love it. I took my favorite pasta. Lots of garlic and chili. So good.

Then we walked around some more, did some simple shopping (I FOUND THE SHIRT I'VE WANTED AT ZARA IN MY SIZE AND AT AN EVEN LOWER PRICE!! HELL YE) and then ended up at Espresso House in NK, where we sat chillin, talking, enjoying. 
Then we split ways and now I've just painted my nails and I am soon gonna watch the last two episodes of The Legend of Korra Season 2. GAAH!


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