And like I mentioned yesterday, my parents are in town! WEHO!
So today after work they stood outside my office waiting for me. After some hugging and all we went to Fridhemsplan because I just HAD to show them my favorite store every (Inn&Finn). And ofc, both Mom and Dad found several things they wanted to buy. I knew it! Everyone can find something in there!!
Then we went back to the central station and walked the way up to NK, then through Biblioteksgatan and out on Birger Jarlsgatan, heading towards Nam Kang where we would eat dinner. Of course I had to pick my no.1 dish, Bibimbap. Haha I've always chosen that one, every time I've been there xD BUT IT'S JUST SO GOOD!!
My lovely Bibimbap.
Cute dad!
Mom's dish. I might actually take this next time....
Tomorrow we're gonna spend the whole day in the city!! But first we're meeting up at Slussen and theeeeen....we're gonna do some recon. About what? Well, I'll tell you later. Maybe =)


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