Sunday shopping

It's been a nice and long weekend. Had a Bodypump class yesterday and later I went in to the city and explored some Asian food stores. Naturally, I had to buy some stuff.

I found this little baby Sriracha! Isn't it just adorable?!
And even today I spent most of the day in the city. Even though the weather was shit, I quite enjoyed myself walking around, doing some Sunday shopping. Honestly, Sunday shoppings are the best. Nothing beats spending money on Sundays. There's less people in the stores and cafés, there's no pressure of taking on the day in a rush and do alot of things like's just better.
So anyway, I started off the morning at the same café as last week. Only this time, my inner klutz appeared and I managed to spill coffee over myself, my bag, the table and the floor the first thing I did. Embarrassed, I talked to the guy at the register and he came to my rescue. As I was trying to explain how I gracefully spilled coffee all over everything he asked me "You're not from around here,are you?". Dumfounded, I answered "How did you know?". And his answer was "They way you pronouced SHIT". Hahahah so appearently, when I get stressed and embarrassed, I start speaking in a strong Northern accent. Good to know.

After that, I started walking around looking in a few stores, did some small shopping etc. Then I took the subway to Hornstull to go to my new appartment. To be honest, I got a little bit chocked after seeing it for the first time on Friday and didn't quite know how to feel but now it feels much better. So I left some stuff there and then went to Hornstull station, where there's alot of shops and restaurants, and had lunch there.

Okay, I know it looks nasty, but this chicken-bacon-tomato-mustard-honey-wrap-thingy was delish!!
So then after coming back to Rågsved I played some FFXII and then had a long Skype call with Dena. It was awesome. As always. It really sucks that 4 of my 3 best friends are abroad at the moment. Like, what the hell?! Not fair at all. 

Postat av: ina

Det ät bara rätt att du bryter av med lite norrländska emellanåt, du får inte glömma ditt ursprung ;D

2014-02-03 @ 08:05:29

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