Let it go, let it go!

Yesterday was a kickass day.
Met up with Dad right after work and together we first went to Ladurée (yes, again!!) and bought some macarons. I'm so in love with Ladurée it's honestly dangerous. Then we went to Lush (haha yes...) and after that we had dinner at K25 on Kungsgatan. I ate an amazing hamburger while Dad had sushi.
After that we went to the Central Station to chill at Starbucks. Hahah it's like a tradition now to sit there and have coffee before Dad has to leave. I love spending time with Dad. He's the best.

Inside at K25.

After saying goodbye to Dad I met up with Anton. We had booked tickets to go watch the new movie "Frozen". I really like it!! It was funny, the scenery gorgeous and it was just....great!
Today I didn't feel that great though. I dunno, I felt tired, sleepy, sick and just generally fed up with everything. During the morning I got to take 15 min off to go and clean a little in our new office (yeah, we're moving to a new office soon. It's tiny....like, very tiny. I'm not sure how this is gonna work but...yeah..) and while cleaning I sang some Disney song by myself. In French. Because right now, I'm a little sick with Japanese. 
And due too my body not feeling all too good today, I had to cancel my work out. Instead I went directly home after work (feels like ages since I did that) and watched an episode of Breaking Bad, took a long shower, had a spicy dinner and am now sitting in bed with a cup of tea and some macarons. Feeling alot better already.


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