We fight for Spira

I've had an amazing weekend together with Maja! That's right! My "Player 1" visited Stockholm this weekend and last night we began our evening together by having an epic dinner at Beijing 8. Such delicious food!

Then we bought some snacks for the evening and went back to my place to watch the latest season of "The Walking Dead". We've been following that series from day 1 and we're not about to stop watching it anytime soon! We saved the last 2 episodes during this mid-season thingy so we'll watch episode 7 & 8 when I get back home to Umeå next week. Can't wait!
It's been so great hangin out with Maja these 2 days. Alot of eating, laughing and (of course) gaming-talk! I always get gaming-urges after hanging out/talking with her! I just love it! Next game on my list it FF X HD remix! Woop!

Postat av: Majsi

Fina du!! Tack för en grym helg :*

Svar: Tack själv! <3
Johanna Lundgren

2014-12-15 @ 16:51:23

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