Stupid Vaio

My laptop has been giving me a really hard time lately and thus I'm trying to not use it too much as a form of payback for it not behaving responsibly. Stupid technology that forgets how to work properly....
Anyway, this morning I overslep 50 min. Yup. I managed to set my alarm clock on Friday NEXT WEEK. Wow...that's a first. Well it didn't matter much, I still got to Uni 20 min too early haha. I sat there working on an assignment together with my classmate for a few hours and then I took the bus home.
After getting home I didn't get much done....feel slightly handicapped when my laptop isn't working. I played some FFXII and then I talked to Dena on Skype but that was cut short too because of my crappy laptop. Ugh.....maybe I'll have to buy a new one.....I don't want toooooo!! I wanted to keep this at least one year more. Then I would've had it for 5 years, which I think is quite long enough. But maybe 4 years isn't that bad either, considering that I use it every day, 15 hours a day (ok maybe not but still) and that it has travelled ALOT (back and forth to Japan, school, Uni etc). Hmmm...


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