No. 66

Today has been a half-assed try to have been a productive day. I kinda had i going for me in the morning, but around 15:00 I ended up in my armchair watching old videos by Kinglsey on Youtube. Bless that guy.
But yeah, I went and had my nail done this morning (chose a red, glittery colour. Perfect for Christmas!) and then I went to the gym. Since I still feel a little sick (sore throat and a slight pain in my ears from the otitis I had almost 1 ½ months ago) I just powerwalked on the treadmill, listening to "Welcome to Nightvale" podcasts. They are so great!
Before and after pic of my nails!
Aaand a close up!
On my left hand (the one the picture) I have all of my natural nails (no fake tips). On my right hand I still have the fake extension on my middle finger and now I also got gel repair on my index finger. Hopefully they'll stay nice and pretty for the upcoming weeks! YAY!
Then later during the day I tried to read a bit but failed miserably. My mind has taken vacation since last week to be honest. I won't try to go for a higher grade on this course so......if I'll get an E I'll be happy haha!


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