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I found these questions on Tumblr (ofc haha) and thought they'd be fun to answer!
  • 1:Do you try to stay away from walkthroughs? I'll try to stay away from them as much as I can but, let's be honest, sometimes you just get fed up with being stuck in a temple for 5 h soo...yeah. Guilty.
  • 2:Company you're always loyal to? I've played on alot of different consoles so far (Nintento, Xbox, Playstation) but if I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be Playstation. 
  • 3:Best game you've ever played? Tricky question but I think I'll have to say Kingdom Hearts 2.

  • 4:Worst game you've ever played? Hmm..Maybe "Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass" for the Nintendo DS. Everyone loved it except for me who didn't understand the gameplay so I actually returned it. True story.
  • 5:A popular series/game you just can't get into no matter how much you try? Hmm..can't really think of one...maybe Halo? haha!
  • 6:A game that's changed you the most? Kingdom hearts! Both the 1st and the 2nd. Definitely.
  • 7:A game you'll never forget? Instead of saying Kingdom hearts again I'll say Final Fantasy X. The storyline and the gameplay is just amazing.
Bless this game!
  • 8:Best soundtrack? I love "Final Fantasy XIII's" soundtrack but also the soundtrack for Okami is amazing...and "Eternal Sonata"! Nothing beats Chopin! Or "Shadow of the Colossus"...damn I can't decide.
  • 9:A game you turn your volume off every time you play it? Slender man LOL! (don't really play it but whatever...if I were to play it, I would turn off the volume!).
  • 10:A game you've completely given up on? Hmm...I haven't given up on it 100 % but...Okami. Stupid wolf-god-I-don't-even-know-anymore. And this One Piece game I got in Japan. And "The 3rd Birtday" for the NDS.... I have no idea what I'm doing.
  • 11:Hardest game you've played? I don't really play difficult games since most of them are RPG haha. Maybe "Resident Evil 5" on proffesional mode? Also "The World Ends With You" for the Nintendo DS was a bit tricky in the end.
  • 12:Shortest time you've beaten a game in? "Dirge of Cerberus" I think. Around 4 hours of playtime.
Good game but too short!
  • 13:A game you were the most excited for when it wasn't released yet? I was quite psyched up for FF XIII-2....and it did turn out cool. Not AMAZIN' but...good.
  • 14:A game you think would be cool if it had voice acting? What? Doesn't most games have some king of voice acting in them? I'm sorry I don't understand this question haha.
  • 15:Which two games do you think would make an awesome crossover? Ooooh! My initial thought was "Kingdom Hearts" and "Final Fantasy" but since that's kinda already been made (I mean, KH is a big crossover game in itself!) sooo....maybe "Final Fantasy Dissidia Duodecim" and "Smash Brothers"? Hahah the ultimate fighting game!
  • 16:Character you've hated most? From what game? Chris Redfield from "Resident Evil"? Hahaha nooooo I don't hate him. He's just the most ridiculous guy I ever met (?). Trying to be all manly and buff but no....he just looks stupid. And Mathilda from "Midtown Madness 3"...I just wanted to punch her in the face.
This photoset makes me so angry.
  • 17:What game do you never tell people you play? Well...I'm not really bragging about the crazy long playtime I have on the first Naruto Ultimate Ninja game.....over 100 h. And the game sucks haha.
  • 18:A game you wish your friends knew about? Probably Okami...mostly because I need help finishing it xD 
  • 19:Which game do you think deserves a revival? POKÉMON SNAP!! Imagine a HD remix for Wii U....guuuurl I'd buy that instantly!
  • 20:What was the first video game you ever played? I think it was "Yoshi's Story" for the Ninteno 64. Good times.
I can still hear the theme song in my head xD
  • 21:How old were you when you first played a video game? Oh wow I dunno...uuhm maybe 7? No? 6? I DON'T REMEMBER!
  • 22:If you could immerse yourself in any game for one day, which game would it be? What would you do? Kingdom Hearts 2! I would build a gummi ship together with Cid and travel to all of the worlds in the game. That would be epic!
  • 23:Biggest disappointment you've had in gaming? I hate to say it, but one of the top disappointments I've had, gaming wise, would have to be FF XIII-2. Mostly because my expectations were sky high and it didn't really deliver, you know.
Noel was the best thing about FF XIII-2...
  • 24:Casual, Hardcore, or in the middle? I think I used to be more on the hardcore side, but recently I haven't really had the time nor the energy to go all in on my gaming the middle or on the verge of casual.
  • 25:Be honest; have you ever used cheats (like ActionReplay or Gameshark)? For different Sims games, yes!
  • 26:Handheld or console? Console! But let's never forget all of the great moments with the Game Boy Color!
This looks just like the Game Boy Color I had!
  • 27:Has there ever been a moment that has made you cry? Are you kidding me?! OF COURSE! Too many times! ;___;
  • 28:Which character's clothes do you wish you owned the most? That's a hard questions! I want so many! Lightning's from FF XIII, Lulu from FF X, Yuna also from FF X are only a few who's wardrobe I want to steal!
  • 29:Which is more important, gameplay or story? Tricky question. Like, the story in FFXII is ridiculous but I really enjoy the gameplay (and I still play it + 100 h). But in games where the gameplay is bad you can't really Haha so yeah, gameplay is more important in my opinion. 
  • 30:A game that hasn't been localized in your country that you think should be localized? There's too many cool games in Japan right now that you can't buy in Europe I can't even begin to think about it....*cries*

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AH! Tack för mycket trevlig läsning. <3 you and i are so much alike

Svar: Haha gummsi <3 Player 1 & Player 2!
Johanna Lundgren

2014-12-12 @ 10:34:53

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