Woop! I have had an amazing time together with Sofia these past 2 days (yesterday & today).
Last night we met up at Hornstull, bought some snacks and dinner take away to eat at my place. Then we sat and watched "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" together. Just lovely.
Cosy time with HP, candles and Nutella hot chocolate with whipped cream. Last night was epic!
Then today we got up early and went to Centralbadet. It was fantastic and sooo beautiful inside! We sat in the relaxation area, swam and played around in the big pool and also sat in the sauna. So relaxing and amazing.

Then later we went to have dinner at Mutto Sushi, one of the best sushi places in Stockholm according to some people. I've eaten take away from that place 2 times before but never sitting and eating at the restaurant. But oooh my god. That sushi...just heavenly. Seriously, it tasted amazing! 

Sofia's sushi!
My sushi! Looks boring but these rolls were filled with avocado and fried shrimp. Sooo good!


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