B0101, D2022, A1003.

Today has been quite a busy day, but it has been awesome!
I started on my next course at Uni, "Human geography" (I think it's called in English...).
Seems interesting but we'll have much more work to do during this course than the last. Ugh.
After class I went home and had lunch and watched some Supernatural S4 (YEEEEEEEEES finally rewatching season 4! I started watching yesterday and ooooh my god I'd forgotten how badass Castiel's entrance was...daaaym son). Then I went to the gym for the first time in like 1 ½ months...so that felt good.
Then later in the afternoon I went to Rådmansgatan to meet up with my old collegues. We went to a nearby café for some fika at sat there chatting about random things for almost 3 ½ hours haha! They're awesome! I really miss our time together at JFC....we had so much fun together!
Almost too epic fika! It looks like I ordered a glass of whipped cream but no, trust me, there's some hot chocolate hiding underneath xD


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