A big LIKE!

Today has been a good day. Managed to write alot on my essay and left Uni at around 13:30 to go home and take it easy.Played some FF XII (getting closer to the end now! Over 108 h playtime!) and drank aaaaaalot of tea.
Other than that I'm just sitting here in front of my laptop smiling like an idiot. Why? Because why not! I just read some awesome stuff at two girls's blogs (one that I follow and other one I found just out of pure coincidence) but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! People like them makes me smile and makes me wanna dance and sing! Hahahahaaaaa! I wish I could hug hem.... I'm acting like the biggest fangirl ever but who cares, these gals are fantastic! The world definitely needs more people like those two girls =) 

Tonight I might watch Thor: The Dark World or Mysteriet på Greveholm...haven't decided yet haha! But I feel like I should watch Greveholm just to get into the Christmas spirit you know! Hmmm....


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