2nd Advent

Today has gone by pretty fast... I've felt pretty tired and haven't had any energy to study at all.
So instead I've been watching alot of Supernatural S4. But I managed to do some productive things today:

* "Källsortera"....whatever that's in English?
* Grocery shopping
* Done a mountain of laundry
* Been to a "Advents-mys-evening"-thingy at my classmate's place. She literally lives one block away from me so I just grabbed my jacket and walked there haha. She had made alot of Christmas treats and sweets and of course there was mulled wine and "julmust". We were maybe 10 ppl and we just sat and talked about tons of different things, everything from Sims City 4 to submarines and trafficking. My classmates are awesome. I had a great time! 
Empty plates after enjoying some Christmas sweets with a pot of mulled wine in the middle.Of course she also had some "poison free" mulled wine for the few of us who had no interest in the alcoholic one :)


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