(The 8th of December was a crappy day at first but did a 180 later in the evening thanks to Sofia, Pirates of the Caribbean and snacks etc. But this post will not be about that.)
Soooo yesterday I turned 23. I can't really believe it myself. I don't feel 23 at all. Maybe 20? Ah well. I had an amazing birthday together with Sofia. She spent the night here so I woke up next to her and she sang "Happy Birthday" to me and I opened my presents (from her and the gifts Mom and Dad sent me). Then we just laid in bed for a few hours, chilling, talking. After that we had an eeeeeepic breakfast.
Then we got ready and headed to the Army Museum in Östermalm. Sofia has been there before but this was the first time for me. The exhibition was really good and I enjoyed it very much!

"Please, choose a weapon"


Badass coats!

Sofia the giant terrorising a farm.


My kind of gun!
Then we went home and had some fika and watched "Historieätarna". After that, we got ready for dinner. Curly hair, lipstick and fabulous dresses! Awh yeah! We had booked at table at "Vassa Eggen" and were ready to feast on some good meat! And yes, the food was fantastic! Although the volume in the restaurant was a little too loud so instead of just sitting there chatting after dinner, we took the train back home and had dessert at my place while watching another episode of "Historieätarna". 

Gorgeous Sofia!

Different sauces to the main course.


I had such an amazing day yesterday! And thank you all for the congratulations!
Today will not be as amazing....I have TONS of school work to catch up on...uugh. 


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