Umeå - 1 week!

More updates!
So on Monday I hanged out with Sofia. Since it was hell rain outside we mostly stayed inside taking it easy. We also had a long Skype chat with Lawler! 

On Tuesday we had our famous LOTR marathon at Emma's. It took us 12 hours to get through all of the 3 movies. Epic.
On Wednesday I hanged out with Ina. We sorted out some of my old stuff and found ALOT of hilarious things and just sat there remembering the good ol' times.
On Thursday I went to Sundsvall with Dad. First we stopped in Örnsköldsvik for about 1h and then we continued south to Sundsvall. I had fika at one of my favourite cafés ever, me and Dad had lunch together and then I went to Birsta City. After some very light shopping, I met up with Dad again and we swiftly went through IKEA together. Then we drove home.

Took a morning walk in a park in Örnsköldsvik.

My fave café!

Look how pretty it is inside!!
And on Friday I met up with all of the girls at Café Station for fika! It been AGES since all 7 of us met up. I had such a great time.

On Saturday I met up with Maja first and had a mini-photoshoot. Then we took a little drive and then picked up Ina and take away dinner on the way back. We had Chinese take out for dinner and then we played some Soul Calibur 5 and later watched HP 7. It was an amazing evening with amazing friends!

On Sunday I just took it easy during the day and then my cousin and his girlfriend came over and we had a Fifa tournament. A classic. And I won with my strong PSG! YEHOO!!

So yeah. There you have it! My whole week in Umeå! It's been a great "vacation" here in the North, but now I'm ready to head back to the big city!


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