Yesterday me and Maya went to Uppsala and Peppcon!! Woop!
2 of our customers were there (and we were invited by one of them so we got in for free!) and we finally got to meet them, which was awesome. Although I'm not working at JFC anymore, I will forever consider JFC's customers as MY customers lol. 

 On our way to Uppsala!
Anyway, besides that, we walked around at the convent looking at all of the awesome stuff they had there. Alot of Lolita, some goth, but mostly just nery anime related stuff. It was great (but I didn't buy anything...). We also went to a cosplay show and there was this one girl who cosplayed Korra and OH MY GOD she was amazing!!! Afterwards I walked up to her and told her that she was epic and just...rocked haha. There was alot of "Attack on Titan", "FREE!" and "Kuroshitsuji" going on at the convent....which I totally approved of. 


LOOOOOL!! (JFC joke sorry)

Found me some G-Dragon!

Some Gaze-lovers! YEE!

Here was "The big stage" were the cosplay show was held.



Bonsai trees!

UNF! WOOP!! :D :D :D :D :D

Found some Silver Fang stuff!

Adorable Maya!
But yeah, it was a loooong day but it was awesome spending some epic-time with MAYA!! =)



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