Mumbai Delivery + The Walking Dead Season 4!!!

Yay I got my halloween costume today! Both the jewelry and the actual costume. Even though my costume is not a secret...I don't want to show it just yet haha. But here's a picture of the jewelry, maybe you can figure out the theme of my costume at least ^^
Absolutely STUNNING! I'm in love.
And tonight me and Maja started watching "The Walking Dead Season 4". Can you believe it?! SEASON 4!!!! It's insane. This series really is a Maja&Loui series. It's like our thing by now. I wouldn't wanna watch it together with any other person than her. We've been following it since the spring of 2011...every Sunday..aah good times. Now it might be every Tuesday instead...anyway, I'm just so excited it has started airing again. But nervous aswell...what if they kill off my fave character, Daryl Dixon?! WHAT IF?! *sob*


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