Just a really good day =)

So today's been a very long but very nice day.
Started off with a few hours at the gym (yeah I got a membership yesterday, I'm so excited!) and then I met up with Ina in the city for lunch and shopping. We had lunch at Rost and I had the most delicious pumpkin soup ever. It was glorious. Then the shopping began...and money was spent haha. Nah but I got only necessary stuff like work out gear, body lotion etc. And I've been starting to have honest cravings for the new Versace perfume that I've found. I think I need it in my life....But anyway, it has been an AMAZING day with my lovely Ina =)
Then after getting home I started studying with my new book for the "Social Science( Civics?? I dunno how to translate it properly).. A" course I'm taking. It's a nostalgic feeling, studying again. And not just Kanji and Vocabulary but REAL stuff you know....haha. And since it's second-hand book it still has markings in it from the previous owner. You know, notes and stuff....reading them I almost feel like the Harry Potter in the Half Blood Prince (him reading Snapes notes and all in his potions book haha).
Something like this, yeah?
And then, to round it all off, I started watching Supernatural Season 8. I'm so gonna regret this decision. I know it already....


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