Girl's Night, Gaze-day, chill evening

Last night us girls met up to celebrate Fanny's baby-new and the fact that we're gonna become "Random Aunts". YAY! We ate tacos and made "Marängsviss" for dessert. So delicious. Then we just took it easy and talked about random stuff becuase that's what we do xD

Haha Sofia's face xD

Oooooh soooo gooooood~
Sofia spent the night here and today we watched DIM SCENE, one of our favorite Gazette lives (pfft all of their lives are our favorites lol), It was amazing. And then we watched one episode of Tumbling and cried a little haha. 
Then I met up with Maja this evening just to hang out and chill. We tried to tie a tie on each other but that didn't work that well...damn it, we'll have to practice. Then we kept talking about how we're gonna do our epic FFXII lan....we have to do it soon because I need it in my life!!
Tomorrow it's time for work again! 


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