Finland, Helsinki 28-30/9 + The Gazette concert

Wow....where to begin?
Okay so me and Sofia took the nightbus (on the 27th arriving at Arlanda airport in the morning on the 28th). It was fun, we listened to music and derped around and at the same time managed to get some hours of sleep.
So when we arrived at Arlanda we had some breakfast, checked in our bags and all that stuff and then went to our gate. 

Pretty sunrise at Arlanda
And then (after a slight delay) we finally got to board the plane!! It only took like...45 min from Stockholm to Helsinki, the shortest flight ever xD but we had fun ^^

Helsinki!! YAY! After picking up our bags we took the shuttle in to the city to catch the metro to our hotel. Stuff went surprisingly smooth since pretty much EVERYTHING in Finland is in both Finnish and Swedish. Signs, information...everything. 
So after getting checked in at our hotel we freshened up a little bit and then hit the town!!

We wandered about, looking in a few stores, trying to figure out the town etc. Then we had a fabulous lunch at Vapiano's.

Ofc, lot's of people...
They had two floors! Epic.
Then we set out to find the concert venue. We figured we'd like to know where it is so that we wouldn't have to get lost and stressed out trying to find it the next day. This little quest lead to complete failure and us getting fucked over by Helsinki yet again BUT in the end we found our way to the venue.
This (stupid) place... *facepalm*
Then we went home and fell asleep early. We had a BIG day ahead of us ;D
So, waking up at 5:30 the next morning was fairly easy. We did our make up, got dressed and headed down to the breakfast buffet. And since it was so early it was only me and Sofia there....and some Asians xD haha
Then it was time to head to the concert venue!! We got there a little bit before 8:00 and took a place in a long queue. About 30-40 min later we got to pick a number from a hat telling us our real queue number. We got 347. I know, it sounds like it's at the far back of the queue, but let me tell you're wrong. Haha okay we had at least 346 people before us + the VIP people but not all people went and started queuing at 8:00 in the morning, oh no, most people showed up just before the concert at like 16:00...but no, we stood there (okay sat there) from 8:00 until 18:30 when they opened the doors. I'm not joking. It was insane. And cold a fuck. We took 2 breaks (one 1 hour brake and another break for about 40 min) to eat, go the toilet etc. But that's it. Haha!

The queue at 8:00 in the morning...

This is like at 9:00 and this isn't even the whole queue...

During one break :D

Yeah we took lots of pictures ^^
Another pic of the queue (here at around 18:00). It went up and down up and down like a snake with I don't know how many hundreds of people...
And then....the concert. 
I don't think I can describe it in a flowing was just:
Sweat, tears, crazy fangirls, sharp elbows, me and Sofia at the 3rd row (we were SO CLOSE), gazemen....they were so many unforgettable moments (like Reita's crazy sexy stare, Ruki's epic dance, dork Uruha, CUTIE KAI, Aoi's beautiful face....and the music. Of course, the music. They never dissappoint you. And the funny thing is that the one that blew me away the most was Reita! Not any of my faves (ok they're all faves but Ruki, Kai and Uru are my top gazemen) but honestly....Reita was amazing. I just caught myself staring at him during several songs just because of....him. I can't even describe it.
Nasty and sweaty after the live...
The next morning we both felt a little bit battered, bodies hurting a just a tiny bit (but not as earlier concerts since we didn't get the space to headbang like you normally would do) but we still were very happy. We could have random outbursts like "OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW CLOSE WE GOT TO THEM" and "OMG DID YOU SEE WHEN [insert gazeman] DID [insert something epic,sexy or cute]?!? 
So, we had breakfast and got ready to head out for some shopping!!

Kamppi shopping mall!

Lunch again at Vapiano's...

Soo...the weirdest thing happened just after we finished eating....Sofia spotted the Gazette's staff (3 of them, we recognized them from the concert) )outside on the street what did we do? We ran after them ofc!! But we lost them...damn it. I'm still pissed.
Fika at Fazer Café!
Then we went back to the airport at around 17:30...feeling sad to leave. Not necessarily Helsinki but just the fact of having to leave this bubble of "happy gazeboys times" you know...having to go back to reality and all...

Sour faces at Helsinki airport...
But yeah, we got home in one piece. Took the night train back to Umeå and arrived early this morning. This has been a magical, epic and almost unreal trip. The concert was hands down the best I've ever been to. Easily. I can't wait to see them again!! They mean so much to me. It's more than just music. They changed my life. I wish I can tell them one day, face to face, how much of an impact they've had in my life. Someday =)
This. They. Us!


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