Work + more homework

Yay I've had a really great day at work today.
I was working at the kindergarden in Sävar where I used to work before the summer. And it was great seeing everyone again! It's been 5 months since last time! But they recognized me (even the kids woot) and after touching up on the kids names again everything went smooth. Even though it's been pouring outside the whole day...
That aside, today I got some new information about the course I'm taking and stuff about the exams next week....and appearently I need to hold a speech for about 15 minutes about the subject I'm writing in my essay. GREAT....just I'm not stressed out enough as it is about the exams..
I did get a few things done tonight though...and awarded myself with a movie, "Pacific Rim". Damn, what an epic movie. Definitely the best Mecha movie ever.


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