Thor: The Dark World - Movie night with Maja

Soooo....last night it happened. 
Thor: The Dark World happened.
I met up with Maja and we had dinner together (chinese food, yum!) and then bought some snacks for the movie, picked up the tickets and then went back to Majas place to chill until the movie started (we had gotten tickets to the 23:30 show)
At the restaurant :)
So....what did I think about the movie? 
I've gotta say, it was better than I thought it would be. But I thought it was gonna be a total trainwreck so my expectations were not high to say the least...I just went to watch Loki.
But it had really good special effects and soundtrack. The story itself didn't really catch my interest. It had a few funny moments and such but...yeah it was an ok movie.
HAHA I discovered a translation error though!!! They translated "line" to "gräns" at one point when Loki clearly meant "kö". Such a failure.
But ok movie...Loki was totally hot though. I had to control myself not to squeal every time he was on the screen. Yeah...he was really THAT hot. 


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