The capital

Yesterday was insane. And even through I got up at 4:00 in the morning and got to bed at around 21:30 it felt like one of the shortest days in my life. 
So, getting up at 4:00 was easier than expected. Had breakfast, got ready and all and took the car to the airport to catch my flight down to Stockholm (departure time at 6:35). Finally at Arlanda took the bus in to the city. Unfortunately, the weather in Stockholm yesterday was totally crappy. Grey, rain drizzling and just uninspiring. But I found my way to Proffice's office (hehe) where the interview was to be held and until it was time I sat at a nearby Esperesso House taking it easy, looking though some grammar etc.

Then it was time for the interview....I first met up briefly with Liv (the girl working at Proffice that I had been talking to earlier and all) and then it was time for the real interview. The ones interviewing me was two Japanese men. One of them spoke "fluent" English and the other not so much. So at first the older, English speaking man, told me about the position and the company in English. Then he wanted me to tell them a little about myself. So I did (in English). Then he wanted to hear more about my Japanese skills and my life in Japan...and from here we talked in Japanese! HAHA it was difficult in the beginning, trying to find the right words and all, but then I think it went ok. We laughed, talked about random silly stuff like how much better the Japanese travel magazines are then the western ones etc. It was fun :) Then when the interview was over they told be that they'll talk to Proffice and they will inform us applicants who got the job. GAAH!
After the interview was done I walked around in Stockholm, aiming to do some shopping. But didn't find ANYTHING I wanted. So sad. Then I met up with Anton and Vincent over "fika" which was amazing. Those boys are awesome :)  

Then at round 16:30 I went back to the airport and got on the flight at 18:55 back to Umeå.
So that's it. My day in Stockholm and my first ever job interview! So let's all keep our fingers crossed that this works out and I get the job!!! BUT even if I don't, it's ok. I still had a great day and a great new experience.


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