Here comes the pain
No but seriously, I'm sick. For real. Just trying to be funny (Slipknot <3) ....hehe.
I'm actually surprised that I didn't manage to get sick even earlier...I always get sick whenever I start working out again...and ofc, if this season isn't the "get-sick-and-die"-season I don't know what.
Today I managed to finish up my report. Hell ye. Now I only have everything else left. FML.
Other than than....hmm..well, I've been having this crazy strong urge to spend money I don't have. Don't you just love that urge. I get it ever so often. I get inspired to get something (new hair, new coat, new face...haha naah) and then I just when I'm about to do something about it....I don't. And feel cheap and am like "okay maybe I don't need 2 new coats (this is my reality atm)". Aaah...I really need to save my money for next year. For real. Since 2013 went down the drain everything comes down to 2014...which is a need. Uuugh...


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