Setting out on an old adventure

So yeah I dunno if you guys understood the meaning of the picture I posted last night so let me explain.
Yesterday I hanged out with my Player 1, Maja, and we made dinner together (an amazing salad with chicken and garlic bread, yum!) and then.....THEN we started playing Final Fantasy XII. I think it's four years ago since we played it.....I have pictures dated back at January 2010 soo...yeah, about 4 years ago. That's insane. Which mean playing that game is a crazy trip down memory lane, it's just SO nostalgic. It feels great being back with the gang, I missed them alot. I've only played about 10 hours so far which means I have at least 100 + hours left of gameplay. This is gonna be an amazing winter =)
Here's some pics from last night!

This delish!

My TV looks so small compared to Maja's =( It's like a tiny baby TV :D book..


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