Last days in Umeå (for now)

SO as you guys probably understand things are a bit hectic right now. Trying to find somewhere to live in Stockholm, making all of the necessary preperations, say "goodbye" to everyone etc. Yeah, hectic indeed.
But I've still managed to sort most things out...kinda. And also have some free time over to do what I want. Like playing some FFXII. 
And other than that just hanging out with friends. Had a great time with Sofia and Otto last night when we watched "Om Shanti Om", my favorite Bollywood movie! 
Today I did some shopping in the city with my good old friend Ina. We had lunch at Rost and later had a quick meet up with Maja.

So yeah I'm gonna try to update this blog as often as possible now the upcoming week but due to several reasons that miiiiiight not happen....ah well, I'll try my best. So, see y'all in Stockholm.

Postat av: Amanda

Välkommen kära du :)

2013-11-29 @ 21:38:05

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