Back and forth x 3 has been....somewhat hectic.
I went back and forth in to the city 3 times. Yup. 
First I went to go to the gym. Which felt good since I haven't been there in ages due to sickness. 
And then after getting home I just managed to cool down and started thinking "It's FFXII time!"....then my phone rings. And it's a lady calling about a job I've been applying for in Stockholm (I actually talked to her last week and had an interview over the phone about the job) and she said that the actual employer wants to have an interview with me...this Thursday. And you guys...this interview is gonna be in Japanese....oh God. So I freaked out a little (and said "YES" ofc) and then went back in to the city to Arbetsförmedlingen to show them the "interview invitation" from the employer so that they can pay the trip down to Sthlm for me. YAHEEY!!
Then after getting back home I chilled out a little...talked to Sasha...and then got ready to go to a meeting at work (the hotel). It was like a "Fire safety briefing"-meeting. About fire safety and was kinda interesting. 
Then I could finally get home and jump in to my fluff-suit and And search for apartments in Stockholm of course. Gah I can't believe it's happening!! Or more like it COULD be happening....but still, just getting this far feels amazing. And if, just IF I actually get the job...I'm gonna cry. Haha we'll see what happens ^^ 


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