ugh...I'm so tired -__- I did manage to get myself in to the city this morning to get my working schedule for the summer and fix a new passport. 
But yeah since I came home it's been pretty...slow. Been having this strange headache now and then these past 3 days...I think it might be because I spend too much time in front of my laptop. Or the TV playing video games. Jeez...
Started studying Kanji using Anki yesterday though. Nostalgic as fuck. Been trying to study some today aswell but..the headache got in the way. 
AND I've been having these INSANE cravings today. Fat food, sweets,'s sick. I'm gonna get some vaccination shots tomorrow and I planned on taking the day off tomorrow aswell but...maybe I'll work out tomorrow night...depending if I can use my arms after the shots.


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