One of those days

Today I've had one of those amazing, perfect days together with Dena. Yes, one of those days.
We met up in the city and had a delicious lunch together. We sat there quite a while after we finished eating, just talking about random stuff. Then we walked around a little bit, looking at books, shoes etc but didn't buy anything. I did find a book with smoothie recipes that I think I'm gonna buy next time I'll go in to town though...
Then we took a quick little trip to Coop to buy snacks and then went back to my place. There we just started doing random stuff like trying to learn a hiphop dance move that I've been dying to master (I WILL MASTER IT ONE DAY) and just....other randomness. Then we watched "Dark Harbor", a movie that I stumbled across on tumblr thanks to, interesting gifs that someone had posted. I showed them to Dena and we agreed that this was a movie we needed to watch hahah.
The movie Hahah during the whole movie we just sat there like "what the hell..." and there were parts that made no sense at all...BUT...the ending was epic. And due to that epicness, everything that hadn't made any sense before, suddenly made sense. It was that kind of movie, one that you have to watch again to fully understand how genius it actually was. And because watching Alan Rickman and Norman Reedus making out is weird...but fun xD
THEN we got stuck at Mads Mikkelsen and everthing about that man. Especially the short film he shot together with Mikael Persbrandt back in 2003. Because that movie takes weird to a whole different level. We didn't watch the whole movie, just bits and pieces but my God, it was strange.
Yeah and then a little bit of tumblring, watching Robert Pattinson interviews (that guy is hilarious) and other random things. It's been such a wonderful day and now I'm gonna go to bed and dream about random slash pairings =) Goodnight!


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