"It's like we're earthbending!!!"

So today I worked again (and it was awesome because I got to have my break together with Sofia!! hehe we derped  major time!!)  but I got to leave early since me and Dena had booked a BodyCombat workout at my gym at 17:00. So I went home and had a light dinner after work and then went directly to the gym to meet up with Dena. We sat the and chatted before the workout and then when I started...we died a little bit. Hahah no but it was awesome and felt great!! And once we did this cool bending move so I had to whisper (shout) to Dena "OMG this is like earthbending!!". We're such nerds, even when we're working out. 
So tonight I'm gonna take it easy and read a little bit. Then tomorrow me, Dena and Anna are gonna go to a EUP information meeting thingy. I'm totally excited!! :D


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