Something I forgot to mention earlier was that I went to buy a new phone yesterday. Unfortunately, it was sold out. But I have now reseved a Samsung Galaxy S IV Black. It's crazy and I can't even understand that I allow myself to spend all of that money on a phone's time. I need it. 
So naturally I've been hunting some cases for my future baby and first I thought it was gonna be difficult to find a nice one but after browsing about I found many that I might consider buying. It's gonna be a tough's a few of the cases that I'm totally obsessed with:


Postat av: ina

OMG GAMEBOY!!! Annars tyckte jag poccahotnas (stavningen?!) var fett badass xD

Svar: Eller hur! Fast hittat många andra snygga nu så nu är det ännu svårare att välja...
Johanna Lundgren

2013-05-07 @ 12:22:46

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