"Can you hold my mango?"

 Yesterday I went over to Maja's at around 19:00. First we just sat and chatted about random things and then we took a little trip with the car to pick some stuff up etc. Then we started watching Game of Thrones S2!! Finally! I've been waiting so much to start watching it again (we decided to finish watching The Walking Dead before we started watching GoT). After that we started getting ready for a night out. Haha it felt very strange putting on make up that late xD Anyway, when we we're done we took the car in to town and went to REX. Which was.....ok. We danced, talked to people and just...were there I guess xD haha. Then after we left we went to MAX. Of course. Gahd fast food is soooo good late at night. But yeah that's about it. Totally random, but a nice night out =)


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