Moving in

Yesterday I moved in to the new apartment.
My mom and Dad had been driving all the way from Umeå with my furnitures (so kind of them I can't even..) and then we met up at around 15:30 to start carrying in the stuff in my new room. body hurts like hell today haha. Carrying the bed was the hardest, definitely. And since the apartment is on the top floor (no elevator) me and my Dad had to struggle carrying the maddrass up a few flights of stairs. BUT we made it. 
And after we had gone back to their hotel and taken it a little easy, we went to Lidingö to have dinner together with my uncle and his family. It was great and the food was amazing!
Oh I almost forgot! I also met up with Maja and Amanda for a few hours in the city! Maja had come down the day before and was gonna spend the weekend in Stockholm so of course all 3 of us had to meet!! We had dinner together and then went shopping (although I didn't buy anything...found loads of stuff I liked though!). Such a nice time =)

Food from Beijing 8. SO GOOD!

Slightly blurry picture but still cute!!
And then today I woke up fairly early in my own bed (feels amazing sleeping in my own bed again) in my new room. Then I tiptoed out not to wake my roommate, and then me and my parents went to IKEA. Classic. Haha. Found alot of nice stuff!! After coming back we assembled the bookshelf I bought (loooove it), me and Mom went grocery shopping, and then it was time for Mom and Dad to drive back north. Honestly, it was so nice of them to come down all the way down here...I loved them so much.
This evening I've just taken it easy, playing a little bit, talking to my roommate etc. I really, really like it here!!
And tomorrow it's time for work again!'s my birthday! WHICH IS TOTALLY RANDOM. I'm not gonna make much fuss about it, we've been celebrating my birthday a little bit here and there for the whole past week so....I'm good with just living and maaaaaybe buy myself a treat or two....or three. We'll see (^_^)


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