Il ne parle que du bon Dieu

This has been a very nice (and expensive) weekend. I blame "mellandagsrean". Got a little carried away at Zara yesterday....and at The Body Shop...but it could've been worse. Much worse. I actually controlled myself while shopping yesterday. As of now I'm gonna try to not spend unecessary money on clothes and make up etc. I pretty much got all I need. Kinda.

Most of my Body Shop products....much more than my Lush products. What has become of me?! *gasp*

And of course I've been playing some FFXII. At the moment I'm in the camp at Phon Coast. One part of me wants to continue with the story and the other part doesn't want Vaan dying on me every other time...that guy's level is waaay too low. I really need to stay where I am for a while and level up my entire team and buy some new armor...
Other than spending too much money, I've been diving in to "American Horror Story" season 2. It's fascinating how much I like this series. I'm not a horror fan at all but this AHS is just so twisted and wicked and sick just can't stop watching it. 
There's been two horror moments today.
One: One of my beauuuuutiful white tea cups broke. I'm serious. I was just pouring some hot water to make me some tea and the little bastard just cracked. It's not a big crack (you can barely see it) but still, I don't dare using it. Damn it all. 
Second: The washing machine attacked me and bit my pinky finger. It's true and it's hurts like hell. I even got a bruise. I've gotta be more careful handling that machine from now on...I shall not underestimate it again.
Tomorrow it's time for work again! And after work's done, I'm meeting up with Dena who's in town! It's gonna be great!


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