Finders Keepers

Okay so The Hobbit-movie last night wasn't bad at all. It was a really ok movie. Hahaha. The CGI in the movie was horrific at some points (like Legolas's face) but other than that....a good movie. Thranduil was sassy and Smaug was almost sassier. What a badass dragon, can I have one?

And today I'm sick(er). 
Coughing like crazy, light headache...just perfect.
I've been playing some FFVII today and watched some Naruto. Omg FINALLY Obito took off his mask and Kakashi's reaction was just so jsdbcjsdblj I died a little bit inside.
Then I had to take a nap because I just felt dead and I had been drinking too much ginger tea so I felt ike throwing up (fail) but feel much better now. 
For dinner had I marinated 2 salmon fillets in some soy sauce and wasabi. It tasted amazing.
Tomorrow I'm gonna be more productive and do some shopping etc. It's gonna be nice to get out a little bit since I've been inside the whole day today haha.


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