Daily adventures

I feel like every day here in Stockholm is like a little adventure. Probably because I'm new in town...but it seems like every day SOMETHING comes up, throws me off a little, but then I managed to solve it and the result makes me feel great! Does that sound weird? Ok, hear me out.
Like on Tuesday. After work I decided to buy myself a new winter jacket. Like a warm, thick, huge jacket that you'll never freeze in. Yeah, one of those. So the problem was....where is the closest Stadium? So I started thinking (didn't want to cheat with my GPS on my phone) and realized that there's one just by Hötorget! YAY! So I went, spent money, and left very happy.
And then on Wednesday I decided to jump off at Högdalen, the train station before mine, to do some grocery shopping. And then, randomly, I see a Fitness24Seven. MY GYM!! So that's where I'm gonna start (trying to) burn some fat. 
And so on Thursday I got this cute little lipbalm-roller thing in my calender from Body Shop but discovered that it was broken. So the usual me would be like "Awh...too bad *shrugs* ". But that day I thought "GODDAMMIT I'M GONNA FIX THIS" so during my lunch (which is only 30 min) I ran to the station, catched the subway to Hötorget and ran towards the nearest Body Shop store. There I talked to a girl, explained the situation, and she gave me a new lipbalm-roller what worked! YES! So after that I grabbed two sushi rolls (that was delicious) and ate them while walking back to the station and then took the subway back to Rådmansgatan. 
AND THEN YESTERDAY (Friday). Hahaha...well, I got up at 5:30 since we were gonna be working at the warehouse doing stocktaking the whole day (the warehouse is in Ekerö and we were gonna meet up at Brommaplan at 8:00). And when I left the apartment (at around 6:45), I arrive at the subway station and see ALOT of people. And I was like "Damn it...something has happened". And it had. There had been a fire of some sort at Skanstull which meant my train couldn't reach the city. There was cancelled traffic between Enskede Gård and Hötorget. FML. So I got on the train and got off at Enskede Gård where they said there will be busses taking us to the city. Where there any busses there? No. So I stood there, thinking that I won't be able to make it to Brommaplan in time and then I see a woman walking past me screaming: DOES ANYONE WANNA SHARE A CAB TO ODENPLAN?!" And without really thinking I scream: "YES I DO!" and runs after her. So that's what happened. I shared a cap with 3 other women I never met and probably will never see again all the way in to the city to Odenplan. We split the charge with cash (I payed with a 50kr "rikskupong" and coins hahaha) and I thanked them for letting me share the cab with them and then ran like hell towards the subway station and managed to catch a train leaving for Hässelby Strand, towards Brommaplan. And I was only 1 minute late. Hell yeah.

Here's a bad picture of the amazing jacket I bought!

The stocktaking itself at the warehouse took more than 8 hours (it wasn't that bad though,the guys was really nice and we had Udon, Gyoza and Yakitori for lunch!) and then on the way home we heard that the train traffic still wasn't working so my collegue gave me a ride to Gullmarsplan's station where I could get on a train towards Hagsätra. WHAT. A. DAY.
So that's what I've been doing the past days. This weekend my roomie is in London so I have the place all by myself. And I think I gonna try to get my ass in to the city to do some Christmas shopping soon...other than that I'll just stay inside, drink loads of tea and enjoy some anime, gaming and reading =)


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