Back in Stockholm

So last night I took the plane back to Stockholm because today it was time for work! Still feeling sick though...and I tried checking out a few stores during "mellandagsrean" but it was waaaay too crowded everywhere so I just went home...Am gonna go back tomorrow morning though.
So my few days up in the North was great. Met up with my friends (and got some AMAZING belated birthday gifs!), had a FIFA-tournament with my family and just ate Christmas food until I thought I was gonna throw up haha. 
Hanging out with Ina & Maja! =)
Now I've gotta focus on things to come. New Year's, meeting up with Dena next week and getting ready for work to begin "for real". The woman who has been teaching be everything I know at work is finally going on maternity leave starting on 1st of January so from that day on, I'll have to step it up and show them I can be counted on. GAH I'm a little bit freaked out but hopefully it'll all go well...


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